Friday 10th August 2018Last chance for clubs to provide feedback on proposed changes
Wednesday 15th August 2018ODJCA competition structure for 2018/19 announced
Sunday 16th September 2018Team nominations due to ODJCA registrar
Wednesday 19th September 2018ODJCA competition announcement re girls comps
Friday 28th September 2018ODJCA competition draws released
Thursday 18th October 2018U11 cricket commences
Saturday 20th October 2018U12 - U16 cricket commences
Tuesday 23rd October 2018Girls only competitions commence (subject to numbers)
Thursday 25th October 2018Master Blast commences - (was T20 Blast)
Monday 5th November 2018Junior Blaster commences - (was In2Cricket)
Monday 7th January 2019U13 Western NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals
Monday 14th January 2019U15 Western NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals