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Under 16
Under 11
Under 13
Under 14
ODJCA Blast+
Thunder Girls Cricket League - Summer
Thunder Girls Cricket League - Spring
Under 12
Thunder Girls Cricket League - Summer1
1 Mitchell, TysonOrange City Cricket Club600000000
2 Manson, Oliver MOrange City Cricket Club800000000
3 Kermode, HarryKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club900000000
4 Warburton, NicolasOrange City Cricket Club100000000
5 Gutterson, HarryKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club000800000
6 AVEYARD, LUCYKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club600000503
7 Priest, JoeKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club800000000
8 Frecklington, CalebOrange Waratahs Cricket Club0001100000
9 Brien, AlexKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club500000000
10 Kiss, TomKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club900000000
11 McIntyre, HughKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club900000000
12 Shepherd, MatthewKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club0001000000
13 Seib, Nathan JOrange City Cricket Club800000000
14 Seib, JarrydOrange City Cricket Club1000000000
15 Murphy, NickCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc1001100000
16 Murphy, JeremiahOrange City Cricket Club800000000
17 Murphy, SamuelOrange City Cricket Club800000000
18 Anderson, ThomasOrange City Cricket Club1000000000
19 Milne, JeremyCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club0001100000
20 Crean, MitchellCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc0001000000
21 Englund, WillKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club0001100000
22 Ryan, DylanOrange City Cricket Club800000000
23 Weymouth, BlakeOrange City Cricket Club1000000000
24 Burdack, WilliamOrange City Cricket Club800000000
25 Delaney, EthanOrange City Cricket Club800000000
26 Cumming, George AKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club900000000
27 Pearce, ThomasKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club500000000
28 Coyte, Lachlan GOrange City Cricket Club900000000
29 Adams, LachlanKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club600000000
30 Brakenridge, JackOrange Waratahs Cricket Club0001200000
31 Vials, XavierKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club900000000
32 Marais, FrancoKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club900000000
33 Charnock, CooperOrange Waratahs Cricket Club0000000100
34 Cullis, ZacheryOrange City Cricket Club1000000000
35 Robinson, GriffinKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club900000000
36 Warburton, CampbellOrange City Cricket Club0001100000
37 Willis, CharlieKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club0001000000
38 Kemp, GeorgeCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc000000090
39 McRae, ThomasKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club000000090
40 Woelk, DanielCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club0000000110
41 Vaughan, HughCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc0001100000
42 Vaughan, MaxCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc000100080
43 McFarlane, RowanCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc0001100000
44 Gibson, HamishCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc0001100000
45 Tancred, ArnieKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club000900000
46 Livingstone, OliverCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc000000080
47 Middleton, JontyCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc0000000100
48 Bruce, CooperCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc000700000
49 Curran, LiamCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc000900000
50 West, HarryCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc800000000
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Total Records: 394   Page: 1 of 8   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8]>Next
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