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 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Conolly, JackOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club744.70
2 Heath, RobertOrange City Cricket Club639.00
3 Brazier, BenOrange City Cricket Club838.00
4 Judge, CooperCentrals Cricket Club627.40
5 Southwell, SamuelCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc827.10
6 Miller, CharlieCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc726.50
7 Climpson, TobyOrange City Cricket Club624.80
8 Schofield, OliverCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc724.10
9 Hamling, MortimerCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc824.00
10 Brown, BaxterCentrals Cricket Club823.30
11 Tancred, TommaCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc823.20
12 Buckland, TobyOrange City Cricket Club621.90
13 Garard, OliverKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club720.90
14 Heath, HenryCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc820.90
15 McMillan, CharlieOrange City Cricket Club620.90
16 Evans, DigbyOrange City Cricket Club820.70
17 Curran, JackOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club720.50
18 Totten, BraydonCentrals Cricket Club819.80
19 Roberts, ArchieOrange City Cricket Club719.30
20 Lipscomb, DeanOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club718.90
21 Boyd, WilliamCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc818.50
22 Forrest, KurtisCentrals Cricket Club818.20
23 Wood, NicholasOrange City Cricket Club718.00
24 French, ThomasCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc717.50
25 Risby, JoshuaCentrals Cricket Club717.50
26 Bowman, MaxOrange City Cricket Club817.30
27 Hobbs, HunterOrange City Cricket Club617.30
28 Gleeson, BlakeOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club717.10
29 Wythes, WilliamCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc817.00
30 Roper, MatthewKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club717.00
31 Staniforth, ReggieCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc716.70
32 Birkin, KayneCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc716.70
33 Edgerton, ReeceCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc716.20
34 O’Brien, CharlieOrange City Cricket Club816.20
35 Wythes, ThomasCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc816.10
36 Stewart, BaileyOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club715.70
37 Knox, WilliamOrange City Cricket Club615.60
38 Greenwood, JackOrange City Cricket Club615.20
39 Duncan, FletcherOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club715.10
40 Millard, TylerCentrals Cricket Club715.00
41 Risby, JasonCentrals Cricket Club714.70
42 Murray, SethCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc714.70
43 Fairley, JamesOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club714.10
44 Ripps, NoahCentrals Cricket Club814.10
45 Jones, SophieCentrals Cricket Club814.10
46 Hill, SamuelOrange City Cricket Club613.80
47 Swift, CharlesOrange City Cricket Club613.80
48 Van Cornewal, CharlieOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club513.70
49 Griffiths, CoryCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc813.60
50 Jeffery, BeauCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc813.50
51 Collison, TalenOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club713.30
52 Wright, TravisCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc813.20
53 Hunter, PhoebeKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club713.10
54 Miller, HarryCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc712.40
55 Southwell, MasonCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc812.00
56 Crump, LachlanCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc811.80
57 Southwell, JacobCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc811.50
58 Curran, OliverCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc711.40
59 Munro, TexOrange City Cricket Club811.40
60 caughlan, mckaylaCentrals Cricket Club611.40
61 McRae, JamesKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club711.20
62 Munro, JockOrange City Cricket Club611.00
63 Yeo, BillyOrange City Cricket Club810.80
64 Kennewell, JacksonCentrals Cricket Club79.80
65 Wynne, XavierCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc79.50
66 Tink, TomOrange City Cricket Club78.70
67 Caughlan, OwenCentrals Cricket Club78.70
68 Wilson, OliviaKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club78.70
69 Bingham, JackCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc68.20
70 Want, SullivanCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc48.00
71 Anderson, RachaelCentrals Cricket Club87.90
72 Vickery, LucasCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc67.70
73 Wirth, LachlanMillthorpe Junior Cricket Club47.60
74 Page, EmersonCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc57.50
75 Goodsir, ThomasKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club77.40
76 Caughlan, Brandon-LeeCentrals Cricket Club67.10
77 Kennewell, JorjiaCentrals Cricket Club77.00
78 Pearce, LilllianKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club76.90
79 Forrest-Smith, Levi ECentrals Cricket Club66.70
80 Bingham, ArcherMillthorpe Junior Cricket Club46.60
81 Martin, SamuelKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club76.40
82 Hughes, SamKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club56.10
83 Hammond, BedeCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc45.20
84 Whittaker, BrynCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc54.90
85 Schaapveld, AustinKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club64.70
86 Anderson, OliverCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc44.50
87 Booth, HenryMillthorpe Junior Cricket Club44.40
88 Payne, WilliamKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club44.30
89 Thomson, WyattMillthorpe Junior Cricket Club43.90
90 Hogben, BillyMillthorpe Junior Cricket Club43.60
91 Felice, CharlotteCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc43.50
92 Anderson, TobyCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc33.30
93 CULLEN, MarkMillthorpe Junior Cricket Club13.30
94 Price, SpencerMillthorpe Junior Cricket Club43.20
95 Kennedy, JakeCentrals Cricket Club33.00
96 Balcomb, SamuelKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club62.90
97 Schwarz, TullyCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc62.60
98 Hepworth, WillCentrals Cricket Club22.50
99 Price, FinnKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club62.40
100 Sweetapple, MackCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc22.00
101 Moore, LewisMillthorpe Junior Cricket Club32.00
102 Reidy, LucindaKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club61.90
103 Slack-Smith, HamishKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club51.80
104 Bylsma, GraceKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club61.80
105 Eccleston, IsaacCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc41.70
106 Bennett, OliverCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc41.70
107 Ash, JacobMillthorpe Junior Cricket Club31.50
108 Johnson, LennoxCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc31.20
109 Trott, AlexanderOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club41.10
110 Shannon, LennyKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club50.50
111 Cox, CaitlinCentrals Cricket Club30.30
112 POWER, JACKMillthorpe Junior Cricket Club10.00
113 Cheetham, EdwardCYMS Junior Cricket Club Inc30.00
114 Elliott, LilyCentrals Cricket Club20.00
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Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 2.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 2.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 10.00 50s 5.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 5.00
Not outs 1.00